Drone Classes & Therapy


It is fun to fly a drone, to go where you can’t go yourself.

Experience the freedom and do the impossible.


It is hard to fly a small drone. They are very easy to crash.

Then all the fun and money is gone.

We’ll teach you the basics how to safely fly a drone.

Hand – Eye coordination

Different from a computer game, a drone is “real”. It can really fly, it can really crash.

It really forces you to think what you are doing. A drone ( quad copter ) can fly in four directions,

which twists your brain, what is left, right, front, back.


Flying a drone forces you to concentrate and focus.

Flight time is depending on the battery capacity, which is up to 15 min.

We can fly multiple batteries.

In short

  • build up ability to concentrate and focus
  • Let your mind control the drone, using your hands
  • Very rewarding and fun to do !


We organise drone classes

  • 30 – 45 minutes
  • One on One or small groups
  • At home or in another place ( indoors )
  • Bring your own or fly with one of our drones

Contact us

for more info


We have a valid police check and working with children check.

Parents will be attending all classes.